Cathedral Veil

This is the most formal veil, therefore it is usually reserved for the grandest of ceremonies. The minimum length is 8 feet and tends to be longer than the train of the wedding dress.

Chapel veil

 Along with the cathedral veil, the chapel veil is one of the most traditional and iconic bridal veils. The chapel veil falls to the floor and extends just a few inches. 

Waltz or Ballet Veil

 Of a length that falls between the bride’s knees and ankles, without reaching the floor. 

Short Veil

 These veils are more informal and tend to be the favorites of American brides. There are several types, depending on their exact length. They can be as short as a (vintage style) birdcage veil, or fall only as far as the shoulders or reach the elbows. The most popular is the fingertip-length veil. 


 This is the iconic piece of Spanish tradition, made of lace or tulle with a lace trim. Mantillas or “mantilla” veils are known for their scalloped or round edge. 

Double Tier Veil

This type of veil, as its name states, has two layers of different lengths so that the bride can comfortably cover and uncover her face, although you can also conceal your face with a single-layer veil. 

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